Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics for Student in 2020

Writing an essay can be an easy task if you understand the category under which your essay topic is listed. If you understand the argumentative essays, then understanding the persuasive essay is not a difficult job. The main idea behind the persuasive essay is to persuade your readers to agree with the point that you are trying to make in your essay. The persuasive essay tries to use logic and reasoning behind the explanation that out of the two-point under discussion, one point is better than the other. Below are listed a few topics that are suitable for the student to ponder over. 

Middle School Essay Topics

  1. Do you agree with the phrase, ‘Kindness is Beautiful?’ 
  2. Should computers at school have internet filters?
  3. Should severe punishment be given to the bullies?
  4. Should illegal immigrants be granted flexible policies?
  5. Should it be compulsory to participate in sports?
  6. Do you agree that the main purpose of the invention of the internet was to control our lives?
  7. Do you agree that men are smarter than women?
  8. Do you agree that there must be summer classes?
  9. Do you agree that violent video games have a bad impact on children?
  10. Do you agree that homeschooling is a better option?

High School Essay Topics

  1. Should there be a uniform for college students?
  2. Who has the biggest influence on a teenager’s behaviour? 
  3. Do you agree that economics rules human behaviour?
  4. Do you agree that having more than four kids is foolish?
  5. Do you agree that the computer makes us smarter?
  6. Do you agree that Global warming is just a hoax?
  7. Should health care be free?
  8. To boost confidence, people must face embarrassing situations. Do you agree?
  9. Are teenage girls influenced by celebrities more than teenage boys?
  10. Can a person overcome his fear?

College Essay Topics

  1. Do you agree that the United States should first focus on its local crime and terrorism, and then worry about the criminal activities that take place on an international level?
  2. Has the feminist movement degraded motherhood?
  3. Do you agree that there should be an age limit for the teacher to teach?
  4. Is it a good idea to take a gap year from studies?
  5. Do you agree that there should not be countless assignments for school students?
  6. Do you agree that writing a research paper is more beneficial than sitting for an exam?
  7. Do you agree that wrestling should be banned?
  8. Do you agree that the absence of love is not the only reason behind the divorce these days?
  9. Should the United States government ban pornography?
  10. Should there be a stricter penalty imposed on drunk drivers?


Working on a topic that you find interesting is much easier than working on something dull. You would not be able to perform properly and to the best of your abilities. Therefore, you must choose a topic that you consider will enhance your skills, and through which you will be able to showcase your skills. You must keep in mind that while working on a persuasive essay topic, you must make sure that your essay is not too complex for a layman to understand, it is not emotionally charged or too familiar. Last but not least, you must double-check the facts before writing them. 

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