Application Essay Topics to Avoid

The Essay writing process is not easy. But before you start the writing process, you need to figure out the kind of topics that the admission officers are looking forward to reading and the topics that they do not want you to write on. The admission officers have seen several essays over the years that tell them about the day a particular student knew what subject he/she wanted to take and most of the times that student would come from an underdeveloped country.

They do not want you to tell them that something deep inside you told you not to stop and kept pushing you forward. Below are five such topics that the admission officers are not looking forward to reading.

  1. An essay based on your accomplishments

The admission officers do not want to know or read about the list of your accomplishments over the years. But they would like to know if you are well prepared for the struggle and the hardships that will come for you while you are at college. No one likes a braggart. Tell them about your life journey, and about the things that you learned while you were in college. Afterward, the admission officers would assess you themselves. They do not like to be told what to think about you.

  1. An essay based on sensitive issues

It would help if you avoided writing an essay that is based on the topics that are too sensitive. It would be best if you did not write about politics or religion, as these topics can easily offend anyone. Try not to preach about anything at all. As you have no idea who is going to read your essay, and at this particular point of time, your main goals are to get an admission into the college and not lecture anyone about moral values through your essay.

  1. An essay based on sports

Everyone knows how an essay based on an athlete would start and end. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid the essay that is based on sports. The admission officers have read enough essays based on the ‘Thrill of Victory’ and are no longer thrilled when they read them. You should choose a topic that is not covered usually, that is unique and offers something new.

  1. An essay based on trips or volunteer experiences

The award for the most boring cliché topic goes to an essay that is based on your experience while you went on a trip or volunteered somewhere. There is no harm in mentioning your volunteer experiences but writing a complete essay about it is not preferable. You can discuss these experiences if something unique or unexpected happened during them.

  1. An essay based on illicit behaviour

You do not want your admission officers to judge you or your character based on your essay. Therefore, you should not write an essay on risky topics like drugs, arrests, jail time, or sex. You might have learned something from your experience with these things, but talking about them in your college essay is a big NO.


Getting into a good college or university is every person’s dream. Therefore, to get into the college of your dreams, you will need to write an essay that would force the admission officers to hire you. You must practice, improve your essay writing skills, and avoid the topics that we discuss above. Then only you will be able to fulfill your dreams.

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